Since starting as a junior at J. Walter Thompson, I’ve been a copywriter for 30 years. I write clear, simple copy that argues, persuades, and sells. I’m quick, calm under pressure, and I’ve learned that there’s no substitute for hard graft.

I’ve worked in just about every sector, and created big (and small) campaigns for some of the nation’s best-loved brands. Such as Whiskas, Volkswagen, Oxo, and Andrex.

I’ve written headlines, straplines, long copy, short copy, and sometimes even no copy. I’ve written TV ads, radio ads, press ads, posters, direct, digital, brochures, content, packaging, brand guidelines, and more. I’ve cast and directed countless radio ads and, as a Creative Group Head, I’ve managed the creative output on lots of big, demanding accounts. And I’ve won quite a few pitches and awards.

All in all, a very busy 30-odd years. Lots of work. Lots of words. And lots of experience.